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Interior Design Services

Furnishing and decorating a house can be costly, so it makes sense to invest a small amount of money in your peace of mind, and ensure you get it right first time.

We offer a wide range of interior design services to suit your needs. From a basic chat with an expert to the full designer experience. Each package can be individually tailored for you.


We will ask you a million questions to find out more about you - what you want and need from the design, your favourite colours and styles, your lifestyle and how you use your space. We’re learning what’s meaningful to you, and what you want your home to say about you.

Where necessary, we can coordinate with our trusted tradespeople to complete your home's transformation.

Designer Chat

If you're unsure where to begin and seeking insights from an expert, consider this option.


We'll dedicate a few hours together, brainstorming design ideas to kickstart your journey. It's a convenient way to receive designer input and propel your home's transformation forward.


What do you get?

A one-on-one chat at your home or via phone or Zoom, to discuss furniture selection, layouts, colour palettes and other options to style your property for sale.

Package Cost: $350

Designer Chat Plus

Similar to the Designer Chat option, we'll brainstorm design concepts, but with the added benefit of receiving a Design Elements Board which you can keep. 

This board includes images and links for furniture, soft furnishings, artworks, and accessories that complement each other to achieve the desired style and functionality. It assists in visualizing, budgeting, and planning your interior design project.

What do you get?

A one-on-one chat at your home or via phone or Zoom; and a Design Elements Board for you to keep.

Package Cost: from $750


The Full Experience


Don't have time to handle the logistics of your project? Leave it all to us! From initial designs to final setup, we handle everything, including selections, layouts, and managing the entire logistical process. Plus, we pass on any savings we get from wholesale purchases.


What do you get?

A Designer Chat followed by a site assessment and planning meeting; and a Design Elements Board for you to keep. 


We also procure, quality check, install and style your furniture and furnishings; and 

coordinate and project manage trades people 

Package Cost: from $1,750

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